With over 6 million mobile applications and billions of mobile users, these numbers are still increasing rapidly. Do you know about App Store Optimization? What is it? How does this work? Let’s understand this term completely, step-by-step.

What is App Store Optimization?

Just like websites, mobile applications are also optimized to rank higher in App Store search results. Similar to websites, the higher your app ranks, the more users will download your application.

Seriously, you can say this very obvious thing, the primary goal of App Store Optimization (ASO) is to increase app downloads. But don’t jump to conclusions; there are still a lot of things to know about.

For finding your loyal customers, you have to make sure the app will get downloaded in front of the right people. Creating a bubbly application won’t do the work; it should be found by potential customers.

Note that instead of ads, focus on organic app growth. If we talk about the principles of ASO, it ensures that your app should be optimized based on Google Play Store and App Store policy. The foolproof app marketing strategies increase the application's visibility on the web. When we talk about the keywords search ranking, it increases the app searching on the app store. Also the mobile app marketing agency in India can do this work better.

For Additional App Downloads, Let’s talk about this step-by-step,

Use Right Keywords

If you don't know anything or only know a little knowledge about SEO, you should know that keywords are the most important part of everything. You should do competitive research on relevant keywords for your potential customers.

To begin analyzing the right app keywords, use AppTweak, AppAnnie, TheTool, SearchMan, Sensor Tower, etc. These tools help to analyze the search volume of keywords, chance, density, and many more things.

The right keywords can help you rank high in the app store, which leads to more traffic, visitors and app downloads. For keywords, you need to have a complete understanding of the market and audience.

App Title & Description

The title does have our very first impression. It will be the first thing to catch users’ eyes. It does have some limitations like 25-30 characters recommended for the title, 4000 characters for the description, etc.

Do not do keyword stuffing ever, or you will end up getting banned from the App Store completely. Keywords should fit right for an eye-catching title and also reach more users, eventually increasing visibility.

Similarly, app description should be unique and catchy. Which may help users to explain about your application, benefits and features. This first paragraph needs to be catchy and straight to the point, because most users are unlikely to read the whole description.

App Icons & Screenshots

App Icons & Screenshots are always mandatory to touch, but they are also necessary for ASO. The reason is graphic optimization which may increase user interest. It showcases the first impression before downloading the app.

Saying these are not important is wrong, these visual elements are as crucial as App Title & Description. Visual Elements are good for user appeal and conversion rates. Many people in this small world always skip what is written but always check the visuals.

Graphics play a very important role these days. You will see the App icon in the App Store in lots of areas, like search results, top charts, popular apps, store listing pages, etc. Always create relevant, clean, and appealing app icons related to your application, and keep an eye on the titles and descriptions.

App Screenshots are now the second item in the visual elements. Screenshots give users an idea of the application. Have you ever heard of the ‘first impression is the best impression" saying? Similarly to that, the very first screenshot is the most significant one. Screenshots should communicate value to users and share key messages about how the app will work.

App Preview Video

This visual element has different names for the Google Play Store – app promo video and App Store – preview video. Do you watch movies? What kind of question is this, right? But some people do watch trailers too before watching movies. That will answer the question: Should I watch this movie or not?

Video serves as a trailer for each application, highlighting its most notable features. While shooting the video, capture the important part of the video in the first 10 seconds. People don't have time these days, so they watch the video instead of reading the description; additionally, watching the first part of the video encourages them to watch the entire video.

Build Backlinks

Are you aware of backlinks? Yes, of course, and it's a very popular term. Attaching the app store link to the website will serve as the foundation of your application. Backlinks can be in text or image form [via the ALT tag].

Backlinking in App Store Optimization is simply websites directly linking to the app store URL. A marketing professional can understand its importance very well. For example, content optimization like article, guest posting, press release and app review submission.


To reap the benefits of ASO, you must invest a significant amount of time. Being found is the major problem in this area, and a solution can be provided by taking App Store Optimization service. You can make very good progress by taking small steps ahead.